[Press release of FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME F.C.H. Ltd., SOCCEREX 2008] - Download PDF

Unique football brand FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME
Offers licence for europeanwide marketing

The extensive europeanwide protected trademark FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME offers licence during Soccerex 2008 in South-Africa.By using the slogan FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME we subsume those national feelings as well as longings and transfer it into a commercial brand. Because of that the national-based merchandising of a country gets for the first time an image-based name and an identity” so CEO Schaer. “We express what a whole nation thinks and feels. This is the heart of the brand ,its strength and the difference to the competition” Gerd Schaer added.

The special effect of the brand is stressed out by the fact that the slogan has been established in the people’s minds for ages and has already reached a certain publicity as well as cultstatus. Thus, the trademark reminds always of the championship achievement and documents and even tranfers the victory. With this background the trademark is an excellent advertising medium for the respective licensee. His products will always be associated with "success" and "benefit”. The trademark FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME can be used on the international level but also on the national level or in short during each and every football event. FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME is always present and up-to-date for each championship and especially decorates the winner because he has brought the cup home – no matter from where it comes - into his country, into his club. Of course, this meaning can be transfered to further countries respectively to their clubs without any problems. As far as the marketing is concerned, the potential licencee is not limited to the supporters of each different club. It´s rather a question of the entire storm of enthusiasm of a whole nation, so there is a far better potential to scoop out, explains Mr. Schaer further.

As extremely promising Mr. Schaer mentioned The TV- as well as the internet business as to become potential customers. The double meaning of FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME (“The winner brings home the cup” and “The television brings the football into the livingroom”) presses for extensive marketing by television programs, which then, combined with merchandising sales on the internet,  can certainly predominate the booming merchandising market. According to  the comments of Mr. Schaer the whole package FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME is of course a most interesting possibility for a non-european investor to organize his penetration in the European football market and “climb
into a feathered nest”.

Last but not least  FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME shows at its own booth bottles of beer with its logo ‘Footballs Coming Home’ for further  major football events 2010, 2011, 2014, 2018, to offer ideas to the beverage industry, how the football fans could celebrate their football party befitting their social standing.

Come on, “cheers South-Africa 2010“!
come on, “cheers Germany 2011“!
come on, “cheers Brazil 2014“!
and perhaps also „cheers England 2018“!!!!

More information you will get at www.footballscominghome.eu
or at our booth FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME 2.1 at the German Pavillion, Land of Ideas,
SOCCEREX 2008, Johannesburg, South-Africa